I have been known from time to time to over focus and often over think things that have become of interest to me, so much so that my family often say “can we talk about something else?”.

Yes I admit it, this EV (Electric Vehicle) idea does consume large amounts of my thinking at the present, I’m hoping this won’t be one of those things I’ve done in the past that don’t eventuate into a tangible workable driveable vehicle, that I’d be proud to show off to my mates.

Tesla driven to excel
One man at least has shown that Being focused isn’t a bad thing necessarily. I saw an interview with Elon Musk and he said he had trouble dating in college especially when asking the girls about their interest in electric cars, yep that’s a winning dating conversation. However I suspect that Elon was and is, a very focused individual as seen in the ‘Revenge of the Electric Car”. I’m mean who wouldn’t want to work for Tesla? Being on the cutting edge of a new emerging technology. I’d work for them tomorrow, if I could do something of value for the company.

Also see the Video – ‘CHM Revolutionaries: An Evening with Elon Musk’ on the dating thing


We need people like Elon willing to push the envelope of innovation and of what’s possible, with total committment and focus. I watched a video where Elon Musk presented their new model X with dual motors, electric everything and AutoPilot, I’ve got to say when I get myself a mere $107,000 I’m getting one of those, yeah, it’s sex on wheels.


Now the reality is, I’m not Elon Musk, so my modest conversion, at least my initial learning exercise will probably cost me all up between $A 20,000 to $A 40,000 over several years. I know I hear you all saying “you can get a brand new leaf for $A 39,990 drive away at the moment 2015”. Yes I know but where’s the fun in that? The Nissan leaf does look pretty space age. But that startup sound, and only the 2012 model in au,  what’s the story with that? Couldn’t sell them, pretty hard to sell something without any advertising, like not one ad for one, that I’ve ever seen other than online.

Nissan Leaf and the dum, dum ,dum,dar
I’ve watched various leaf videos on youtube and that startup tone, gets to me. Maybe Nissan could put a feature in where you have have your own startup sound like mission impossible or deep purples smoke on the water. Even something classy like AC/DC’s It’s a long way to the top (rock on AC/DC), or classical like Bach’s D Minor Concerto. Anything but dum, dum, dum, dar. I can put a reasonably interesting ring tone on my phone, so I’d expect at least the same from a forty grand investment. I took a Renault Cleo for a test drive, my wife likes them and you can even make the Cleo give you sound as if your driving a V8 or ‘chuckle’ a motorbike. At least Renault are trying, shame Cleo’s not electric.

Renault and Formula E
Renault is a company that’s putting its money where its mouth is concerning electric cars. If you haven’t seen formula E, have a look it’s awesome. Each race is viewable on youtube, just fantastic and well done Renault, who have supplied all the race cars, batteries and technology. Two cars for each team, because the batteries don’t last an entire race, it’s very exciting, I love it.

Formula E is a new kind of racing, that requires a little techno no how, the first few races everyone’s just getting the hang of it, like clock work after 16th lap they swap over the cars, by the third race some of the drivers are taking some risks on the batteries and going some extra laps, leaving themselves with a little extra juice for the end of the race where things get start getting tight. You want to be able to go faster at the end, not having your battery die. 

There certainly is excitement and some dings, spills and accidents.    

Formula e Round 1 – Beijing China – http://youtu.be/nfRtRpmRXb4
Formula e Round 2 – Putrajaya Malaysia – http://youtu.be/6gqTs4tU_Sw
Formula e Round 3 – Punta Del Este Uruguay – http://youtu.be/-Bh2IVLWzDQ
Formula e Round 4 – Buenos Aires – Argentina – http://youtu.be/V51gFdiH9yo

Next Race: Miami, USA Round 5 – 14/03/2015

Official website: http://www.fiaformulae.com


Next time learning more about EV’s